Islamic Eschatology


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Islamic eschatology is the branch of Islamic scholarship that studies Yawm al-Qiyamah ("the Day of Resurrection") or Yawm ad-Din ("the Day of Judgment").  This is believed to be the final assessment of humanity of Allah, with annihilation of all life, resurrection, and judgment.

By End-Times, May 25 2015 01:42AM

Two people were killed and three others were missing on Sunday in flash flooding and severe storms in Texas and Oklahoma that forced evacuations and rooftop rescues and left thousands without power.

The National Weather Service reported river flooding across southern Oklahoma and central Texas, where 6 to 9 inches of rain fell overnight. Flash flooding remained a threat on Sunday from central Iowa into southern Texas, where the heaviest rainfall was expected, according to the NWS. Isolated tornadoes and hail were also possible.

"They haven't seen flooding like this for probably a good decade, probably more like 25 years, even longer, on some of these rivers," said Kurt Van Speybroeck, a NWS meteorologist based in Fort Worth, Texas.

He said soil in the region was saturated from heavy rainfall over the past three weeks, adding: "We just can't take any more water.".

Helicopters rescued people off rooftops in Hays County in central Texas.

More than 1,000 people were rescued or evacuated from 400 homes, county officials reported on Sunday.

"Never in our wildest imagining did we think about the wall of water that would some so quickly or cause so much destruction," Judge Bert Cobb of Hays County told a morning news conference.

By End-Times, May 24 2015 02:22PM

The death toll in China’s latest round of flooding has risen to at least 52, including two schoolchildren aboard a bus carrying more than twice its legal load that plunged into a pond, authorities said.

At least six other people are missing in floods that have ravaged mountain districts of six provinces and autonomous regions in central and southeastern China. More than 250,000 people have been moved to temporary shelters, and damage has been inflicted on buildings and crops.

Apart from the two schoolchildren, 42 others have died due to floods and heavy rains, including 16 in the collapse of a nine-storey building in the city of Guiyang following a landslide.

Eight other people were killed in the central province of Hunan when a bus skidded into a guardrail and overturned.

The Guangxi regional government said 21 other kindergarten students were sent to the hospital in the school bus accident on Friday, with three listed in serious condition. The bus was licensed to carry 11 people, but had 26 on board.

The driver, teachers and school administrators have been taken into custody, the government said. Overloaded buses have been involved in accidents killing scores of children in recent years as local schools are closed and consolidated into larger campuses farther away from the children’s village homes.

Seasonal rains cause major flooding around China almost every year. The worst in recent history was in 1998, when 4,150 people died, most of them along the Yangtze river.

The massive Three Gorges Dam has largely contained Yangtze flooding, but the problem persists in other parts of the country.

By End-Times, May 24 2015 02:07PM

HYDERABAD, India – Officials say about 230 people have died since mid-April in a heat wave sweeping two southeast Indian states.

The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh state, Chandrababu Naidu, says more than 100 people have died in the last week in his state. An official in neighboring Telangana state says around 130 deaths have been reported there since April 15.

Day temperatures in Telangana's Khammam district soared to more than 48 degrees Celsius (118 Fahrenheit) on Saturday. The Telangana official said 16 people had died in the district in the past three days.

Health authorities have asked people not to go outside at midday to avoid getting sunstroke due to high temperatures and blistering winds.

Weather authorities say the high temperatures will likely continue for at least another week.

By End-Times, May 24 2015 02:06PM

KATHMANDU, Nepal – Thousands of people fled villages and towns along a mountain river in in northwest Nepal on Sunday after it was blocked by a landslide that could burst and cause flash floods, officials said.

The landslide created a dam and a lake 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) long on the Kaligandaki River, said government administrator Yam Bahadur Chokhal.

Residents living on the banks of the river were moved to higher grounds for fear the river could burst and send flash floods through the area north of Beni Bazaar, about 200 kilometers (125 miles) northwest of the capital, Kathmandu.

Soldiers and police officers were sent to monitor the river and help and warn the villagers.

Two powerful earthquakes devastated Nepal on April 25 and May 12, killing nearly 8,700 people and injuring 16,800 others. The quakes and aftershocks also triggered many landslides in the Himalayan nation.

In 2002, dozens of people were killed when an avalanche held back the nearby Seti River, which then burst through the snow blockage and sent water gushing through villages along its banks.

By End-Times, May 22 2015 07:54PM

LAS VEGAS – A magnitude-5.4 earthquake has struck a rural area of southern Nevada and has been felt more than 100 miles away in Las Vegas.

The U.S. Geological Survey says the temblor hit at 11:47 a.m. PDT about 24 miles southwest of Caliente, Nevada, and about 125 miles north of Sin City. People took to social media to report feeling the quake.

A dispatcher at the Lincoln County sheriff's office in Pioche (pee-YOH'-sh) says there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

Dispatcher Shannon Miller says calls came in from people who felt the quake in small Nevada towns including Alamo, Caliente and Panaca (pah-NAK'-uh).

The USGS website recorded hundreds of reports of people feeling the shaking.

By End-Times, May 22 2015 01:39PM

Magnitude 4.2 quake affects Canterbury, Margate and Whitstable, with people jolted from sleep and taking to social media to express their alarm

An earthquake hit parts of Kent in the early hours of Friday morning, shaking houses, rattling windows and waking people in the county.

The magnitude 4.2 earthquake was being investigated by seismologists at the British Geological Survey which said tremors had been felt in areas including Margate.

Kent police were inundated with calls.

A spokesman said: “It has now been confirmed parts of east Kent has been affected by an earthquake measuring just 4.3 on the Richter scale (British Geological Survey).

“Police began receiving reports of the earthquake tremor in the east Kent area at around 2.57am. Police and the fire and rescue service had no reports of structural damage or injuries. We will continue to liaise with our partner agencies to ensure we are providing help and support in any areas needed.”

Musician Jake West was in his terraced house in Canterbury when he reported it started shaking.

“At 3am it’s normally quiet,” he told the Guardian. “There was silence, then there was shaking. It was very odd. It felt like there was someone very heavy who was stomping down the stairs.”

By End-Times, May 21 2015 02:13PM

BEIJING – At least 15 people have been killed and thousands more forced from their homes by flooding in southern and central China, with more rain forecast in coming days.

Local authorities said Thursday that Jiangxi province has been hardest hit, with eight people killed and 65,000 displaced. Just to the south, the Guangxi region suffered five deaths with six other people listed as missing.

Two other deaths were recorded in Hunan province, one of China's main rice producers, where 2,000 other people were moved to shelters. Fujian evacuated 17,000 people from danger areas, but no one was reported dead or missing in the coastal province.

Heavy rain forced the delay or cancellation of hundreds of passenger flights as flood waters in some areas rose to more than 2 meters (6 feet).

By End-Times, May 18 2015 04:47PM

BOGOTA, Colombia – Disaster relief authorities are rushing to a Colombian town where more than a dozen people have been reported killed when a flash flood swept away ramshackle homes in the dead of night.

The massive flooding triggered by heavy rains early Monday in the town of Salgar.

Media reports say 500 people lived in the path of the ravine that broke its bank and as many as 45 people had been killed. Authorities on the scene have not yet issued a report of casualties.

President Juan Manuel Santos ordered authorities to provide immediate assistance to those affected.

By End-Times, May 14 2015 07:58PM

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – One man is dead while hundreds of commuters suffered disruptions in New Zealand's capital Wellington after heavy rainfall caused flooding and mudslides across the region.

Crews struggled to clear highways Thursday and the city's train services were shut down, causing long delays for many.

Wellington's Mayor Celia Wade-Brown urged people to find alternative accommodation in the city for the night rather than trying to make it home and even opened the downtown library for those who wanted to stay.

Police said they found the body of an 80-year-old man in Petone near Wellington in floodwater near his abandoned car, which was partially submerged with the keys in the ignition.

Several areas around Wellington recorded rainfall of over 10 centimeters (4 inches) Thursday.

The region is home to about 450,000 people.