Islamic Eschatology


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Islamic eschatology is the branch of Islamic scholarship that studies Yawm al-Qiyamah ("the Day of Resurrection") or Yawm ad-Din ("the Day of Judgment").  This is believed to be the final assessment of humanity of Allah, with annihilation of all life, resurrection, and judgment.

By End-Times, Jun 27 2015 09:49PM

ISLAMABAD – A Pakistani official says the devastating weeklong heat wave in the southern port city of Karachi has killed 1,233 people.

Nazar Mohammad Bozdar, operations director at the Provincial Disaster Management Authority, said Saturday that 65,000 heatstroke patients were treated at the city's hospitals since June 20 when the heat wave struck Sindh province and its capital, Karachi.

He told The Associated Press that 1,923 patients with heat-related ailments are still being treated.

Although temperatures in Karachi on Saturday came down to 34 degrees Celsius (93 degrees Fahrenheit) after touching 45 degree Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) a week ago amid chronic power outages.

The heat wave struck Karachi at a time when the city's Muslim majority was observing the dawn-to-dusk fasting month of Ramadan.

By End-Times, Jun 27 2015 09:47PM

MADRID – Weather stations across Spain are warning people to take extra precautions as a heat wave engulfs much of the country, increasing the risk of wildfires.

The country's meteorological agency says a mass of hot air originating in Africa is moving northwards, bringing with it until at least Monday temperatures reaching 40 C (104 F).

Northeastern Catalonia's meteorological service says in a statement Saturday that the heat brings with it "a particularly high risk of forest fires" in the districts of Barcelona and Girona.

The region's government has banned the use of firework rockets within 500 meters of wooded areas and is asking smokers to not throw away cigarette butts.

It is advising everyone to remain hydrated throughout the day and to avoid drinking alcohol.

By End-Times, Jun 27 2015 09:46PM

CAIRO – Egypt faced treacherous weather conditions Saturday as a sandstorm blanketed the north of the country and a magnitude-5.2 earthquake centered in the Sinai peninsula shook buildings more than 200 miles away in the capital, Cairo.

The epicenter of the quake was 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) southeast of the beachside town of Nuweiba in the Sinai, and about 75 kilometers (46 miles) south of Egypt's border with Israel, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Airports near Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh, along the Mediterranean coast, closed and diverted flights to Cairo due to poor visibility from the day's sandstorm, Civil Aviation Minister Hossam Kamel said in a statement. Visibility reached as low as 500 meters at the Burg al-Arab airport near Alexandria, he said.

Fierce winds whipped through the capital as many residents took cover from the sand by staying indoors. Others were seen braving the storm wearing surgical masks or covering their faces with clothing, as the wind sent rubbish and dust swirling.

At its peak, the sandstorm covered the capital in a thick orange cloud, dramatically reducing visibility.

In the Red Sea town of Dahab, 68 kilometers (42 miles) south of the epicenter of the quake in the Sinai peninsula, the tremor shook loose clouds of dust that enveloped nearby mountains, according to a witness. The quake appeared to startle local residents and tourists. It also shook the nearby Gaza strip. No serious damage was immediately reported from the earthquake in Egypt or in Gaza.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health said in a statement that there were no reports of deaths or injuries anywhere in Egypt due to the quake.

Israeli media reported that very mild aftershocks of the earthquake were felt in some places in the south of the country, but that no damage or injuries were caused.

The extreme weather conditions provided fodder for social media humor. Some wondered which of the 10 Biblical plagues would come next, while the popular Zamalek football club tweeted that it wasn't actually an earthquake--just preparation for their match tonight.

By End-Times, Jun 25 2015 10:58PM

MOSCOW – A flood caused by heavy rains has swept Russia's Black Sea resort of Sochi that hosted the 2014 Winter Games, killing one man and causing major damage and disruptions.

The regional branch of the Russian Interior Ministry said the victim's body was found during salvage works during Thursday's flooding. The man's identity and the circumstances of his death weren't immediately clear.

The torrential rains caused rivers flowing through the city to burst banks and sweep the streets of Sochi, smashing fences and garages. Numerous cars were carried away by streams, and some residents could be seen swimming across streets.

The flooding also cut railway traffic and swept the city's airport, prompting its closure for most of the day Thursday.

By End-Times, Jun 25 2015 03:10PM

KARACHI, Pakistan – A Pakistani health official says the devastating heat wave that struck the country last weekend is slowly subsiding but that the death toll is still climbing, with 860 people now reported to have died.

Jam Mehtab Hussain, the provincial health minister in the southern Sindh province, says people are still being admitted to hospitals with heat-related ailments — though in less numbers than in previous days, when dehydrated patients lay in hospital corridors and outside on the streets as overwhelmed medical staff struggled to cope with the disaster.

Husain says temperatures on Thursday dropped to 34 degrees Celsius (93.2 degrees Fahrenheit) in Karachi, worst hit by the heat wave.

On Sunday, temperatures had reached 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province.

By End-Times, Jun 25 2015 03:08PM

HANOI, Vietnam – A disaster official says flash floods triggered by a tropical storm have killed seven people and left four others missing in a northern Vietnamese province.

Tran Viet Phuong in Son La province said Thursday that authorities are still searching for the four missing, including a four-year-old boy whose house was washed away.

Flash floods washed away more than 20 houses in the province, he said.

Tropical Storm Kujira which slammed northern coast on Wednesday has now dissipated, according to the national weather forecasters.

The storm has dumped up to 20 centimeters (nearly 8 inches) of rain on many parts of northern region over the past two days.

Vietnam is prone to flood s and storms, which kill hundreds of people each year.

By End-Times, Jun 23 2015 06:12PM

At least seven people were injured and dozens of homes were damaged after a series of tornadoes touched down in north-central Illinois late Monday.

Particularly hard hit on Monday night was Coal City, a community of approximately 5,000 residents about 60 miles southwest of Chicago. Authorities were canvassing the area to account for all residents, Grundy County Emergency Management director Joe Schroeder told WGN-TV early Tuesday. He said there were at least two confirmed injuries and there could be more.

"We are early in the process of determining the level of damage," he said, adding at least 30 buildings were affected, many of them in residential areas. A shelter was opened at a local high school. Fire officials told the Associated Press that roads in the city were blocked by fallen trees and power lines.

"We have trees down, we have [power] lines down, we have poles down and we have flooding," Coal City Police Sgt. Thomas Logan told the Chicago Sun-Times. "We tried to get over there one time just using a normal truck and we got bogged down."

Interstate 55 outside Coal City, which was hit by a tornado less than two years ago, also was shut down for hours due to downed power lines, according to Illinois State Police.

Further east, high winds caused damage near the Lee County community of Sublette.

Lee County Sheriff John Simonton said firefighters and other emergency workers responded to reports of damage in Woodhaven Association, a private camping resort. There was lots of flooding and many trees down, including some that fell on association homes.

One person there was hospitalized with injuries that were serious but not life-threatening, and four others described as "walking wounded" were either treated on scene or refused treatment, said Sublette assistant Fire Chief Kevin Schultz. The injury total could still increase, Schultz said.

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency was gathering information on the extent of the storm damage.

"We will be standing by all night in the event there is a request for state help," said spokeswoman Patti Thompson.

Commonwealth Edison reported early Tuesday 14,000 customers were without power as a result of the storm. Ameren was reporting 1,000 customers lost power.

The storms were expected to continue east, with parts of northern Indiana and southern Michigan under a tornado watch early Tuesday.

Michigan also saw stormy weather Monday, when a storm damaged at least four homes near Millington. In Portland, near Lansing, five people had to be rescued from buildings after a tornado hit.

By End-Times, Jun 23 2015 06:11PM

TOKYO – A strong earthquake has struck off an island chain south of Tokyo, but officials say there is no danger of a tsunami.

Japan's Meteorological Agency said the earthquake hit Tuesday evening and measured a preliminary magnitude of 6.9. It said it was located very deep, about 480 kilometers (300 miles) below the ocean's surface. Deep earthquakes generally cause less damage.

The agency said it was centered west of the Ogasawara island chain in the Pacific Ocean about 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) south of Tokyo.

Some islands in the chain were shaken strongly by the quake, but it was hardly felt in Tokyo.

Japan sits along the Pacific "Ring of Fire," the arc of seismic faults around the Pacific Ocean where earthquakes and volcanoes are common.

By End-Times, Jun 17 2015 10:27AM

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea says it has been hit by its worst drought in a century, resulting in extensive damage to agriculture.

The official Korean Central News Agency said the drought caused about 30 percent of its rice paddies to dry up. Rice plants normally need to be partially submerged in water during the early summer.

South Korea's Unification Ministry said precipitation in North Korea was abnormally low in May, and that food production could decline significantly if the shortage of rainfall continues.

North Korea suffered a devastating famine during the 1990s that is believed to have killed hundreds of thousands of people.

By End-Times, Jun 15 2015 12:36PM

At least a dozen people are dead and many more missing after severe flooding in the Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.

Heavy rain and strong winds turned a stream into a raging torrent. It badly damaged roads and buildings, everything in its path.

Homes have been left unrecognisable, with residents shocked and bewildered.

“In this small street alone, five people are dead. Three houses are completely washed out and everyone is affected,” said

Lamara Zumburidze.

“I can’t repair this damage on my own. I don’t know where to sit, where to lay, what to do.”

The city’s zoo was also engulfed. Tigers, lions, bears, wolves and a hippopotamus were among more than 30 animals that escaped.

Some were tranquilised or killed, but others were on the loose.

The flooding damage is estimated to run into millions of euros.

Monday has been declared a day of national mourning, to remember those who have lost their lives.